Little Stories

A collection of Mississippi photos

by Malcolm White

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1st Edition Signed Book

110 pages. 10"x10" Hardcover


1st Edition Signed Book & Limited Edition 8x10 Photo Signed & Numbered

From the Author

What I present in this little book is how I see my postage stamp of earth; the place I call home and where I have made my life. The light, the story, the vantage point is a collection of experiences, a perspective of my journey, of my time spent looking and pondering. Eudora Welty once wrote, “to know one place well, is to understand all places better.” Here I share what I know — and in this case it is a geography known as Mississippi, a place of phantasmagoric change and historic resistance to change; a place beloved and a place despised and detested — a place of paradox, home.


Malcolm White

About the Book

LITTLE STORIES is a 1ST EDITION, self-published book, limited to 1,000 copies. The book is now available for pre-order. Buyers will be notified when the books are published and ready for shipping. We anticipate a three-month print turnaround.


Additionally, we are offering an exclusive online purchase of one of Malcolm's photos. This will be a Limited Edition print run of 100 signed and numbered images, only available with the online purchase of LITTLE STORIES.


LITTLE STORIES is a creative collaboration between Malcolm White and Chandler Griffin. It started with Malcolm using his iPhone as a "sketch pad" to gather visual impressions from across Mississippi. Chandler curated the images from 4,000 to a collection of 300, and completed the layout and design of the book.


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